Sociology (SOCIOL)


SOCIOL 701. Advanced Social Theory. 3 Credits.

Sociology, the humanistic and scientific study of mind, self, and society, has shaped the way we look at the human experience. In this course, we explore social theory by focusing on the ideas of such luminaries as Émile Durkheim, Karl Marx, George Herbert Mead, and Max Weber. Among the problems we address are action, change, conflict, justice, mind, morality, order, power, self, and struggle. The course goal is the cultivation of broad knowledge of social theory.
P: Bachelors degree.

SOCIOL 710. Urban Sociology. 3 Credits.

Advanced study of everyday life in the contemporary metropolis, including urban and suburban neighborhoods, ethnic and racial groups in the city and suburbs, gentrification and urban revitalization, marginality and social exclusion, and related topics.
P: Introduction to Sociology. REC: Undergraduate major or minor in sociology or other social science discipline
Spring Odd.