Humanistic Studies (HUM STUD)


HUM STUD 518. Topics in Linguistics/TESL. 3 Credits.

Analysis and discussion of topics of central importance in applied linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Possible topics include:Teaching Grammer to ELLs; Second Language Pragmatics; Second Language Writing; and others.
P: gr st.

HUM STUD 519. Second Language Acquisition and Assessment. 3 Credits.

Overview of issues in second-language acquisition, including linguistic, cognitive, social, and affective factors. Students will examine and think about learner language, read research on learner language, and consider implications for second-language teaching.
P: graduate status

HUM STUD 520. Language and Identity. 3 Credits.

This course explores the role that language attitudes and ideologies as well as identity play in the speech and patterns of language use of native speakers as well as those acquiring a second language. We will address these issues in relation to various immigrant groups in the US, with a special focus on Hispanic communities across the US. In addition, within the broader picture, we will look at the question of language use and identity construction; that is, the social meaning that certain variations in language have (i.e. power and solidarity traits) and the use that native speakers make of these variables to construct an identity.
P: graduate status
Spring Odd.

HUM STUD 521. Sociolinguistics. 3 Credits.

The study of language in relation to society, including social and regional dialects, bilingualism and language contact, speech communities, the ethnography of language, and applications such as language policy and planning.
P: graduate status
Fall Only.