Economics (ECON)


ECON 602. Environmental Economics. 3 Credits.

Applications of tools such as cost-benefit analysis and other economic concepts in current public decision making, with special emphasis upon common property resources management.
P: graduate status
Fall and Spring.

ECON 653. Cost Benefit Analysis. 3 Credits.

ECON 713. Environmental Economics and Sustainability. 3 Credits.

Addresses public policy issues related to energy and other natural resources from the perspective of environmental economics. Topics include fossil energy, nuclear energy, solar and other alternative sources of energy; natural resources ranging from soil, water and minerals to wildlife, forests and parks. Societal concerns with appropriate resource utilization require a recognition that such usage must be consistent with long-term sustainability of planetary resource endowments.
P: gr st; REC: PU EN AF 608 and Env S&P 752.
Fall Even.