Design/Technical Theatre Emphasis


Supporting Courses25
Design/Technical Theatre
Stage Management
Costume Technology
Computer Applications for Theatre
Introduction to Theatre Design
Acting Core
Acting I
Dance Core (choose one of the following):
Jazz Dance I
Ballet I
Modern Dance I
Tap Dance I
Performance Elective (choose 4 credits):
Jazz Dance I
Ballet I
Ballet II
Period Dance Styles
Modern Dance I
Tap Dance I
Jazz Dance II
Acting II
Voice for the Actor I
Tap Dance II
Jazz Dance III
Tap Dance III
Upper-Level Courses31
Design/technical theatre/directing
Scene Design
Costume Design
Stage Lighting
Directing I
Theatre History I:Greek to Elizabethan
Theatre History II: 17th Century to Realism
Theatre History III: 20th Century and Contemporary
Shop practicum (choose 4 credits):
Production Practicum: Scene Shop (minimum 1 credit, may be repeated)
Production Practicum: Costume Shop (minimum 1 credit, may be repeated)
Theatre practicum (choose 2 courses):
Production Practicum: Crews
Production Practicum: Performance
Production Practicum: Scene Shop
Production Practicum: Costume Shop
Production Practicum: Properties and Scene Painting
Production Practicum: Wardrobe and Makeup Crew
Performance Practicum: Musical
Production Practicum: Theatre Management
Electives (choose 3 credits):
Stage Makeup
Dance History
Scene Painting
Costume Crafts
Advanced Stage Lighting
Sound for Theatre
Independent Study
Total Credits56