Education Emphasis


This emphasis also requires:

  • Admission to the Education Program.
  • Completion of the minor in Secondary Education.
  • Oral and written proficiency exams successfully completed before student can be approved for student teaching (ACTFL intermediate high level).
  • Student is required to spend an appropriate period of time in a country where Spanish is spoken or participate in an approved immersion program.
Supporting Courses6
Composition and Conversation I
Composition and Conversation II
Upper-Level Courses27
Teaching Foreign Languages
Introduction to Cultural Studies in Spanish
Representative Spanish and Latin American Authors
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Spanish Phonetics
Latin America Today
The Cultures of the Americas
Spain Today
The Cultures of Spain
Choose 6 credits of the following courses:
Major Spanish and Latin American Fiction
Spanish and Latin American Cinema
Cultura Latina
Major Spanish and Latin American Writer(s) 1
Special Topics 1
Study Abroad:Spain and Latin America
Independent Study
Travel Course
Total Credits33