AODA Emphasis


Supporting Courses34-37
English Composition II: Composition and Rhetoric (Satisfied for students with an ACT English score of 32 or higher)
Introduction to Human Development
Foundations of Social Welfare Policy
Family (choose one course):
Family, Kin, and Community
Family Development
Sociology of the Family
Family Principles and Patterns
Statistics (choose one course):
Business Statistics
Social Science Statistics (Students are strongly encouraged to take this)
Introductory Statistics
Human Behavior (choose one course):
First Nations and The Sacred
Introduction to First Nations Studies: The Tribal World
Fertility, Reproduction, and Family Planning
The Biology of Women
Infancy and Early Childhood
Middle Childhood and Adolescence
Gender Development Across the Lifespan
Cross Cultural Human Development
Adulthood and Aging
Culture, Development and Health
Psychology of Women
Psychology of Cognitive Processes
Abnormal Psychology
You and Your Future: Living and Working in an Aging Society
Government (choose one course):
American Government and Politics
Introduction to Public Policy
Social Environmental Challenges (choose one course):
Gender and the Law
Gender and Economic Justice
Introduction to First Nations Studies: Social Justice
Women and Gender in First Nations Communities
Environmental Psychology
Travel Course
Urban Sociology
Urban Social Problems
Urban Politics and Policy
Community Politics
Urban Geography
Community Economic Development
Social Theory (choose one course):
Freedom and Social Control
Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
Law and Society
Power and Change in America
Feminist Theory
First Nations Intellectual Traditions
First Nations Justice and Tribal Governments
Social Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Women's Studies (choose one course):
One Women's and Gender Studies course required. Courses listed above or any course with a WOST prefix may be used to satisfy this requirement.
Biological Life Sciences (choose one course):
Any course meeting the “Biological Sciences” general education requirements, including any courses listed above, may be used to satisfy this requirement. 1
Upper-Level Courses38
Professionalism and Teamwork in Social Work
Research Methods for Generalist Social Work Practice
The Social Work Profession
Social Work Skills Lab I
Social Work Skills Lab II
Social Work Methods I
Human Behavior and the Social Environment
Field Practicum I
Field Practicum II
Social Work Methods II
Social Work Skills Lab III
Social Work Methods III
Social Work Skills Lab IV
Social Policy Analysis I
Social Policy Analysis II
Program Evaluation I
Program Evaluation II
Required Courses for the Emphasis12
Drugs and Behavior
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Strengths-Based Group Facilitation
Total Credits84-87