Emergency Management Emphasis


Supporting Courses13
Complete three of the following:
Introduction to Public Policy
Introduction to Public Administration
Economics, Politics, and Government Action
Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
American Government and Politics
Complete one Research/Statistics course:
Business Statistics
Social Science Statistics
Introductory Statistics
Upper Level Courses
Principles and Practices of Emergency Management
Strategic Emergency Preparedness, Planning and Implementation
Disaster Response Operations and Management
Disaster Recovery
Political and Policy Dimensions of Emergency Management
Complete One Analytic Methods Course:
Cost Benefit Analysis
GIS in Public and Environmental Policy
Political Behavior
Choose from the following courses:
Natural Resources Economic Policy
Regulatory Policy and Administration
Administrative Law
Public and Non-Profit Management
Environmental Planning
Leadership in Organizations
Human Resource and Risk Management
Natural Resources Policy, Law, and Administration
Environmental and Resource Economics
State and Local Government
Service in the Public Sector
Public Policy Analysis
Public and Nonprofit Budgeting
Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation
Building Sustainable Landscapes
Teaching Assistant
Independent Study
Travel Course
Total Credits46