Mental Health Emphasis


Supporting Courses13-14
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Lifespan Development
Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Processes
and Principles of Biology Lab: Cellular and Molecular Processes
Introduction to Human Biology
Choose one of the following courses:
Business Statistics (for Business major and minors only)
Social Science Statistics
Introductory Statistics
Upper-Level Courses28
Research Methods in Psychology
Core Courses
Physiological/Cognitive (choose one of the following):
Physiological Psychology
Psychology of Cognitive Processes
Social/Personality (choose one of the following):
Social Psychology
Theories of Personality
Culture/Gender (choose one of the following):
Cultural Psychology
Psychology of Women and Gender
Mental Health (all of the following):
Psychological Testing
Abnormal Psychology
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Multicultural Counseling and Mental Health
Elective Course (choose 3 credits - Any upper-level Psychology course in the areas above not already taken or one of the following):
Developmental Research Methods
Drugs and Behavior
Social Cognitive Affective Neuroscience
Sport and Performance Psychology
Infancy and Early Childhood Development
Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development
Adult Development and Aging
Dying, Death, and Loss
Human Sexuality
Conservation Psychology
Environmental Psychology
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Psychology of Emotion
Spirituality and Development
Health Psychology
Capstone in Psychology
Travel Course
One of the following is encouraged, but does not count toward major requirements:
Honors in the Major
Teaching Assistantship
Research Assistantship
Independent Study
Total Credits41-42