Environmental Policy Studies Emphasis

Bachelor of Applied Studies (B.A.S.)


Supporting Courses6
Integrative Leadership Seminar I
Writing Course
Business and Media Writing
English Composition II: Composition and Rhetoric
Upper-Level Courses6
Capstone: Synthesis and Assessment of Learning
Critical Thinking (choose one course):
History of Economic Thought
The Development of Creative and Critical Thinking
Integrative Leadership Seminar II
Ethical Theory
Plato and Aristotle
Total Credits12
Environmental Policy Studies Emphasis21
Choose 3 of the following courses:
Micro Economic Analysis
Introduction to Environmental Sciences
Ocean of Air: Weather and Climate
American Government and Politics
Environment and Society
Choose 12 credits of the following elective courses:
Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Politics and Policy
Transitioning to Sustainable Communities
GIS in Public and Environmental Policy
Environmental Law
Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation
Cost Benefit Analysis
Total Credits21