Applied Communication Emphasis


ILS Core
Supporting Courses12-13
Integrative Leadership Seminar I
Writing Course
English Composition II: Composition and Rhetoric
Business and Media Writing
Communication Skills
Theories of the Interview
Fundamentals of Public Address
Mathematics (choose one course):
Business Statistics
Social Science Statistics
Advanced Algebra (or more advanced math level or placement per WMPT exam)
Introductory Statistics
Upper-Level Courses24
Critical Thinking (choose one course):
History of Economic Thought
The Development of Creative and Critical Thinking
Integrative Leadership Seminar II
Ethical Theory
Plato and Aristotle
Humanities (choose 6 credits):
Indigenous Nations Oral and Storytelling Traditions
Wisconsin First Nations Ethnohistory
Or choose from 300- or 400-level courses in the following subjects: English, History, Humanistic Studies, Philosophy
Natural or Biological Sciences (choose 6 credits from one subject or multiple subjects):
Choose 300- or 400-level Natural Science courses in the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Human Biology, Geoscience, Nutritional Sciences or Physics
Social Science (choose 6 credits):
Choose 300- or 400-level courses in the following subjects: Anthropology, Community Sciences, Economics, Geography, Human Development, Political Science, Psychology, Public and Environmental Affairs, Democracy and Justice Studies, Sociology and Urban and Regional Studies
Capstone Required Course:
Capstone: Synthesis and Assessment of Learning
Total Credits36-37
Applied Communication Emphasis24
Supporting Courses
Fundamentals of Public Address
Choose two courses:
Introduction to Communication
Elements of Media
Business and Media Writing
Communication Problems and Research Methods
Choose one of the following courses:
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
Small Group Communication
Upper-Level Courses (choose 12 credits):
Information Technologies
Persuasion and Argumentation
Organizational Communication
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Communication Law
Principles of Public Relations/Corporate Communications
Information, Media and Society
Human Communication Theory
Social Media Strategies
Cases in Communications and Media Management
Total Credits24