Applied Communication Emphasis

Bachelor of Applied Studies (B.A.S.) INTEGRATIVE LEADERSHIP STUDIES Major

Supporting Courses6
Integrative Leadership Seminar I
Writing Course
Business and Media Writing 1
Expository Writing
Upper-Level Courses6
Capstone: Synthesis and Assessment of Learning
Critical Thinking (choose one course):
History of Economic Thought
The Development of Creative and Critical Thinking
Ethical Theory
Plato and Aristotle
Applied Communication Emphasis24
Supporting Courses
Fundamentals of Public Address
Choose two of the following courses:
Introduction to Communication
Business and Media Writing 1
Elements of Media
Communication Problems and Research Methods
Choose one of the following courses:
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
Small Group Communication
Elective Courses (choose 12 credits):
Information Technologies
Persuasion and Argumentation
Organizational Communication
Theories of the Interview
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Communication Law
Principles of Public Relations/Corporate Communications
Information, Media and Society
Human Communication Theory
Social Media Strategies
Cases in Communications and Media Management
Total Credits36