World Cultures Emphasis


Supporting Courses12
English Composition II: Composition and Rhetoric
Choose one of the following courses:
Living the Humanities
Introduction to the Humanities
Choose one of the following courses:
Foundations of Western Culture I
Foundations of Western Culture II
World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II
World Literatures
World Literatures II
Introduction to Philosophy
Choose one of the following courses:
Introduction to First Nations Studies: The Tribal World
Introduction to First Nations Studies: Social Justice
Ethnic Diversity and Human Values
Introduction to African-American History
Women in Literature
Introduction to Asian Philosophy
Upper-Level Courses (At least one course must be a HUM STUD course)12
Category 1: Global Encounters (3 credits)
Contemporary Cultural Issues
Globalization and Cultural Conflict
United States Immigration History
Indigenous Nations Oral and Storytelling Traditions
First Nations Intellectual Traditions
Cultura Latina
Representative Spanish and Latin American Authors
Major Spanish and Latin American Fiction
Spanish and Latin American Cinema
Le Monde Francophone
Studies in Comparative History
World Literatures
Category II: Western Cultures (3 credits)
The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
The New Testament
Utopia and Dystopia
The Ancient World
The Medieval World
The Renaissance
The Age of Reason
Interdisciplinary Study of Great Works (Dante)
Interdisciplinary Themes in Humanities (Western Topic)
German Culture
German Cinema
Representative German Authors
Spain Today
The Cultures of Spain
Representative French Authors
France Today
Topics in Early Modern European History (Crime & Mentalities Topic)
African American Literature
Major American Prose Fiction
Major Poetry
Category III: Cultures Outside the West (3 credits)
Topics in World Cultures
First Nations Intellectual Traditions
Non-Western Religions
Literatures in Translation
History of Modern Africa
Topics in Democracy and Justice (South Africa Topic)
Elective Course (choose 3 credits)
Choose any course listed above that does not fulfill another requirement OR
Internship (with advisor permission)
Travel Course
Travel Course
Travel Course
Travel Course
Travel Course
Travel Course
Travel Course
Total Credits24