Science Fiction Studies


Supporting Courses6
Choose one of the following:
Living the Humanities
Introduction to the Humanities
Introduction to Contemporary Science (choose one of the following):
Introduction to Environmental Sciences
Energy and Society
Natural Hazards
Physical Geology
Earth System History
Ocean of Air: Weather and Climate
Introduction to Human Biology
Human Disease and Society
World Food and Population Issues
Concepts of Physics
Required Courses12
Choose four courses:
Literary Themes
Topic: American Apocalypse
Topic: Medievalism
Topic: Monsters & Protean Figures
Literary Eras
Topic: The Victorian Era
Major Author(s)
Topic: China Melville
Topic: J.R.R. Tolkien
Studies in Comparative History
Topic: Alternate History
Science Fiction & Fantasy 1
Total Credits18

Students may take HUM STUD 340 up to two times if the topic differs