Human Development Major

Supporting Courses16
Basic Foundational Knowledge and Skills
Introduction to Human Development
Research Skills, choose one of the following courses:
Business Statistics (for Business majors and minors only)
Social Science Statistics (strongly recommended)
Introductory Statistics
Foundation Disciplines (required 9 credits):
Introduction to Psychology
Public Policy (choose one of the following courses):
American Government and Politics
Introduction to Public Policy
Introduction to Public Administration
Human Biology (Choose one of the following courses):
Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Processes
and Principles of Biology Lab: Cellular and Molecular Processes
Introduction to Human Biology
Upper-Level Courses31
Research Methodology
Developmental Research Methods
Phases of Development
Infancy and Early Childhood
Middle Childhood and Adolescence
Adulthood and Aging
Family and Relationships (choose one of the following courses):
Family Development
Personal Relationships
Gender and Diversity (choose one of the following courses):
Gender Development Across the Lifespan
Cross Cultural Human Development
Culture, Development and Health
Biological and Health (choose one of the following courses):
Developmental Psychobiology
Physiological Psychology
Health Psychology
Psychological (choose one of the following courses):
Psychology of Cognitive Processes
Theories of Personality
Abnormal Psychology
Elective courses (choose 6 credits): 1
Family Policy
Dying, Death, and Loss
Human Sexuality
Spirituality and Development
Travel Course
Any of the following is encouraged, but does not count toward major requirements:
Teaching Assistantship
Honors in the Major
Research Assistantship
Independent Study
Total Credits47

Choose courses from HUM DEV prefix core not used to fulfill upper-level core requirements OR choose from the following of HUM DEV 344, HUM DEV 345, HUM DEV 443 or HUM DEV 497.