Exercise Science Emphasis


First Aid/CPR Requirement (may be met with Red Cross Certification)0-3
First Aid and Emergency Care Procedures
Writing Requirement0-3
English Composition II: Composition and Rhetoric
Supporting Courses27
Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Processes
and Principles of Biology Lab: Cellular and Molecular Processes
Laboratory Safety
Principles of Chemistry I
and Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory
Principles of Chemistry II
and Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory
Choose one (of 2) Anatomy and Physiology Options:
Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology I
and Anatomy and Physiology II
Introductory Statistics
Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries
Fundamentals of Physics I
Principles of Physics I
Choose one of the following 3 options:
Fundamentals of Public Address
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
Any literature course, e.g., English104 Introduction to Literature
One year of any college-level foreign language
Upper-Level Courses30
Principles of Sports Physiology
Exercise Physiology
and Human Physiology Lab - Exercise and Metabolism
Human Nutrition
Choose one of the following courses:
Human Genetics
Organic Chemistry options
Bio-Organic Chemistry
and Bio-Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
Laboratory Electives (choose 1 course from the following courses):
Principles of Microbiology
Genetics Laboratory
Cell Biology Laboratory
Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
Advanced Microbiology
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Developmental Biology Laboratory
Human Anatomy Laboratory
Human Physiology Laboratory
Immunology Lab
Cancer Biology Laboratory
Additional Upper-Level Electives
Human Genetics
Reproductive Biology
The Biology of Women
Science and Religion: Spirit of Inquiry
Human Physiology Lab - Exercise and Metabolism
Art and Science
Human Physiology
Cancer Biology
Principles of Microbiology
Research in Human Biology
Independent Study
Genetics Laboratory
Cell Biology
Cell Biology Laboratory
Evolutionary Biology
Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
Animal Behavior
Comparative Physiology
Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Developmental Biology
Developmental Biology Laboratory
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
Biochemistry Laboratory
Healthcare I: Terminology & Body Systems
Nutritional Biochemistry
Life Cycle Nutrition
Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism
Medical Nutrition Therapy II
(Only) ONE course in Psychology may be used for upper-level electives.
Physiological Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Health Psychology
Total Credits57-63