Global Studies Minor

Supporting Courses9
Introduction to Environmental Sciences
World Regions and Concepts: A Geographic Analysis
Choose one of the following courses:
Varieties of World Culture
Macro Economic Analysis
World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II
Women in the Performing Arts
Global Politics and Society
Environment and Society
City Life and Globalization
Upper-Level Courses15
Choose five courses from the thematic categories below. At least three courses must be from different categories.
Global Democracy: institutions and citizenship
History of Economic Thought
Political History of Modern Latin America
Studies in Comparative History
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Global Environmental Sustainability: natural resources, biodiversity and climate change
Environmental Sustainability
Global Climate Change
Global Environmental Politics and Policy
Global Human Security: basic human needs and services
Family, Kin, and Community
War and Civilization
Cross Cultural Human Development
Special Topics in Nursing
Topic: Global Aspects of Healthcare
Psychology and Culture
Global Peoples: nationality, ethnicity, race and religion
Geography of South America
The Rise of Islamic Civilization to 1800
History of Modern East Asia
History of Modern Africa
Globalization and Cultural Conflict
Topics in World Cultures
Politics of Developing Areas
Total Credits24