Global Studies Minor

Supporting Courses9
Introduction to Environmental Sciences
World Regions and Concepts: A Geographic Analysis
Choose one of the following courses:
Varieties of World Culture
Macro Economic Analysis
World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II
Women in the Performing Arts
Global Politics and Society
Environment and Society
City Life and Globalization
Upper-Level Courses15
Choose five courses from the thematic categories below. At least three courses must be from different categories.
Global Democracy: institutions and citizenship
History of Economic Thought
German Politics and Society
Studies in Comparative History
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Foreign and Defense Policies
Global Environmental Sustainability: natural resources, biodiversity and climate change
Environmental Sustainability
Global Climate Change
Global Environmental Politics and Policy
Global Human Security: basic human needs and services
Family, Kin, and Community
War and Civilization
Special Topics in Nursing
Topic: Global Aspects of Healthcare
Cultural Psychology
Global Peoples: nationality, ethnicity, race and religion
Geography of South America
The Rise of Islamic Civilization to 1800
Globalization and Cultural Conflict
Topics in World Cultures
Politics of Developing Areas
Total Credits24