Environmental Design Emphasis


Core Supporting Courses:
Environment and Society
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Complete one Public Policy course3
American Government and Politics
Introduction to Public Policy
Economics, Politics, and Government Action
Complete one Research/Statistics course3-4
Business Statistics
Social Science Statistics
Foundations for Social Research
Introductory Statistics
Capstone Experience3
Seminar in Ethics and Public Action
Total Credits14-15
Upper Level Required Courses: 26
Environmental Design Studio I
Environmental Design Studio II
Environmental Design Studio III
Environmental Design Studio IV
GIS in Public and Environmental Policy
Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Urban Planning
Planning Methods
Designing Communities and Neighborhoods
Electives, 9 credits9
Complete three of the following:
Environmental Anthropology
Environmental Planning
Transitioning to Sustainable Communities
Special Topics in Public and Environmental Affairs
Teaching Assistantship
Research Assistantship
Independent Study
Travel Course
The City Through Time and Space
Asian American Communities in the United States
Latino Communities in the United States
Urban Geography
GIS and the Urban World
Total Credits35