Creative Writing Emphasis


This disciplinary emphasis also requires:

Supporting Courses9-12
Expository Writing 1
Introduction to Creative Writing
Literary Studies
Choose 1 additional Lower-Level Literature Course:
Introduction to Literature
Women in Literature
Introduction to English Literature I
Introduction to English Literature II
Introduction to American Literature I
Introduction to American Literature II
World Literatures I
World Literatures II
Upper-Level Courses24
Intermediate Creative Writing
Practicum in Literary Publishing
Upper-Level Writing Workshops (choose 2 courses)
Short Fiction Writing Workshop
Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop
Creative Nonfiction Writing
Novel Writing Workshop
Novel Revision Workshop
Topics in Creative Writing
Upper-level Literature courses (choose 4 courses): 2
The English Novel: 1700 to the1850's
The English Novel: 1850's to the Present
Major Drama
Major Poetry
Topics in Literary Criticism
Major American Prose Fiction
Literary Themes
Literary Eras
American Ethnic Literature
World Literatures
History of the English Language
African American Literature
Major Author(s)
Total Credits33-36

Satisfied for students with ACT English score of 32 or higher.


Some courses may vary by topic, so some of the above may be repeated for credit if the topic differs. See adviser for recommendations.