Arts Management Major

Supporting Courses24
Required Core Courses
Understanding the Arts
Arts in the Community
Fundamentals of Public Address
American Government and Politics
Applied Arts (choose a minimum of 3 credits):
Introductory Drawing
Three Dimensional Design
Two-Dimensional Design
Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Fibers/Textiles
Introduction to Jewelry/Metals
MUS APP: Applied Music Lessons
MUS ENS: Performance Ensembles
Music Theory I
THEATRE: dance studio courses
Stage Management
Production Practicum: Crews
Production Practicum: Performance
Production Practicum: Scene Shop
History/Theory (choose a minimum of 3 credits):
History of the Visual Arts: Ancient to Medieval
History of the Visual Arts II: Renaissance to Modern
Modern Art
Survey of Western Music
Women in the Performing Arts
Introduction to Theatre Arts
Theatre History I:Greek to Elizabethan
Theatre History II: 17th Century to Realism
Theatre History III: 20th Century and Contemporary
Communication and Business (choose 3 credits):
Law and the Individual
Elements of Media
Small Group Communication
Introduction to Urban Studies
Upper-Level Courses24
Required Core Courses
Managing Arts and Cultural Organizations
Funding and Financial Issues in the Arts
Promoting the Arts
Arts Management Seminar (3 total credits required if this 1 credit course is selected)
Internship/Practicum (choose a minimum of 3 credits):
Practicum in Arts Management
Internship (minimum 3.0 GPA required for internship placement)
Upper-Level Arts (choose 3 credits):
Art and Ideas
Modern American Culture
Women, Art and Image
History of Photography
Gallery & Museum Studies
World Music
Jazz History
Musical Theatre History
Management and Business (choose 6 credits):
Philanthropy: Civic Engagement through Giving
Leadership in Organizations
Public and Nonprofit Budgeting
Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation
Community Politics
Total Credits48