Studio Art Emphasis

ART Major


Supporting Core Courses31
Art History
History of the Visual Arts: Ancient to Medieval
History of the Visual Arts II: Renaissance to Modern
Modern Art
Contemporary Art
Design Core
Tools, Safety, and Materials
Introductory Drawing
Three Dimensional Design
Two-Dimensional Design
Two-Dimensional Studios (choose 6 credits):
Introduction to Painting
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Printmaking
Three-Dimensional Studios (choose 6 credits):
Introduction to Sculpture
Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to Woodworking and Furniture Design
Introduction to Fibers/Textiles
Introduction to Jewelry/Metals
Upper-Level Core Courses24
Required Core Courses
Intermediate Drawing
Figure Drawing
Art History (choose two of the following courses):
Modern American Culture
Women, Art and Image
History of Photography
Art of the First Nations
Precolumbian Art of Mesoamerica
African Art
Asian Art
Upper-Level Studio Art Emphasis Courses (15 credits) 1
Total Credits55