Sustainability Perspective

Sustainability Perspective - complete one course  

Learning Outcomes

  • Think critically regarding the array and implications of alternative sustainability definitions and describe why actions to achieve sustainability are complex and controversial.
  • Discuss sustainability within the context of ethical decision-making and engage in informed judgments about environmental problems as socially responsible citizens.
Sustainability Perspective3-4
Literary Themes
Energy and Society
Radioactivity: Past, Present, and Future
Environmental Sustainability
Solid Waste Management
Resource Management Strategy
Atmospheric Pollution and Abatement
Conservation Biology
Lean Processes
American Indians In Film
Native American Landscapes:Imagined and Lived Spaces
First Nations and The Sacred
Introduction to First Nations Studies: The Tribal World
Introduction to First Nations Studies: Social Justice
Oneida Language I
Oneida Language II
Oneida Language III
Oneida Language IV
Oneida Language V
Oneida Language VI
Indigenous Nations Oral and Storytelling Traditions
Wisconsin First Nations Ethnohistory
First Nations Intellectual Traditions
First Nations Studies Capstone Seminar
First Nations Justice and Tribal Governments
First Nations and Education Policy
American Environmental History
Fertility, Reproduction, and Family Planning
Human Disease and Society
Biotechnology and Ethics
Sustainability through the Humanities
World Food and Population Issues
Environmental Ethics
Global Environmental Politics and Policy
Conservation Psychology
Environmental Psychology
Environment and Society
Sustainable Land Use
Transitioning to Sustainable Communities