Social Sciences

Social Sciences - complete 6 credits

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain how social scientists practice critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate the ability to address problems using tools and methods exemplary of two different social sciences.
Social Sciences 1
ANTHRO 100Varieties of World Culture3
ANTHRO 304Family, Kin, and Community3
ANTHRO 306Environmental Anthropology3
ANTHRO 320Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion3
BUS ADM 202Business and Its Environment3
BUS ADM 206Law and the Individual3
COMM SCI 14521st Century Citizen2
COMM SCI 146GPS Spring Seminar1
COMM SCI 301Foundations for Social Research3
DJS 101Introduction to Democracy and Justice Studies3
DJS 204Freedom and Social Control3
DJS 221American Law in Historical Perspective3
DJS/WOST 241Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies3
ECON 202Macro Economic Analysis3
ECON 203Micro Economic Analysis3
ECON/DJS 307History of Economic Thought3
EDUC 206Cultural Images in Materials for Children and Adolescents3
GEOG 102/UR RE ST 102World Regions and Concepts: A Geographic Analysis3
GEOG 210Human Geography and Concepts3
GEOG 321/PU EN AF 321Coastal Resources Policy and Management3
GEOG 341/UR RE ST 341Urban Geography3
HUM DEV 102Introduction to Human Development3
POL SCI 100Global Politics and Society3
POL SCI 101American Government and Politics3
POL SCI 202/PU EN AF 202Introduction to Public Policy3
POL SCI 301/PU EN AF 301Environmental Politics and Policy3
POL SCI 353Politics of Developing Areas3
POL SCI 380/PU EN AF 380Global Environmental Politics and Policy3
POL SCI 480Senior Seminar/Capstone in Political Science3
PSYCH 102Introduction to Psychology3
PU EN AF 102Environment and Society3
PU EN AF 215Introduction to Public Administration3
PU EN AF 315Public and Non-Profit Management3
PU EN AF 324Transitioning to Sustainable Communities3
PU EN AF 360Immigration and Immigration Policy3
PU EN AF 425Fundraising and Marketing for Nonprofits3
PU EN AF 426Strategic Philanthropy: Civic Engagement Through Giving3
PU EN AF 428Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation3
PU EN AF 452/UR RE ST 452Planning Methods3
SOC WORK 250You and Your Future: Living and Working in an Aging Society3
SOC WORK 275Foundations of Social Welfare Policy3
SOC WORK 375Family Principles and Patterns3
SOCIOL 202Introduction to Sociology3
SOCIOL 203Ethnic and Racial Identities3
UR RE ST 100Introduction to Urban Studies3
UR RE ST 201City Life and Globalization3
UR RE ST 205Urban Social Problems3
UR RE ST 324Latino Communities in the United States3