Quantitative Literacy

Quantitative Literacy - complete one course

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate competence in performing quantitative operations.
  • Apply analytical concepts and operations to interpret models and aid in problem-solving, decision-making, and other real-world problems.
Quantitative Literacy3-7
Introductory Accounting
Business Statistics
Principles of Chemistry I
Social Science Statistics
Micro Economic Analysis
Human Geography and Concepts
Statistics for Healthcare
Math Appreciation
Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
Introductory Statistics
Logic and Reasoning
Fundamentals of Physics I
Principles of Physics I
Political Behavior
Senior Seminar/Capstone in Political Science
Computer Applications for Theatre
Stage Lighting
Ear Training and Sight Singing II
and Music Theory III
and Music Theory IV