Humanities - complete 6 credits

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the Humanities’ unique ways of understanding major events and movements in Western and world civilizations by critically examining a range of literary, philosophical, and other cultural texts produced by those movements.
  • Articulate individual and social values within cultures and the implications of decisions made on the basis of those values.
Humanities 1
ENGLISH 104Introduction to Literature3
ENGLISH 212Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENGLISH 214Introduction to English Literature I3
ENGLISH 215Introduction to English Literature II3
ENGLISH 216Introduction to American Literature I3
ENGLISH 217Introduction to American Literature II3
ENGLISH 218World Literatures3
ENGLISH 219World Literatures II3
ENGLISH 264Topics in Literature3
ENGLISH 315The British Novel3
ENGLISH 333Literary Themes3
ENGLISH 400English Capstone3
FNS 210American Indians In Film3
FNS 224First Nations and The Sacred3
FNS 372Indigenous Nations Oral and Storytelling Traditions3
FNS 374Wisconsin First Nations Ethnohistory3
FNS/HUM STUD 385First Nations Intellectual Traditions3
FNS 391First Nations Studies Capstone Seminar3
FNS 392First Nations Justice and Tribal Governments3
FNS 393First Nations and Education Policy3
GERMAN 358German Politics and Society3
HISTORY 205American History to 18653
HISTORY 206History of the United States from 1865 to the Present3
HISTORY 207Introduction to African-American History3
HUM STUD 100Living the Humanities3
HISTORY/HUM STUD 101Foundations of Western Culture I3
HISTORY/HUM STUD 102Foundations of Western Culture II3
HISTORY/HUM STUD 103World Civilizations I3
HISTORY/HUM STUD 104World Civilizations II3
HUM STUD 110Introduction to Film3
HUM STUD 201Introduction to the Humanities3
HUM STUD 351Interdisciplinary Themes in Humanities3
HUM STUD 360Globalization and Cultural Conflict3
HUM STUD 375Humanities, Business and Critical Thinking3
HUM STUD 383Contemporary Cultural Issues3
HUM STUD 384Topics in World Cultures3
PHILOS 101Introduction to Philosophy3
PHILOS 102Contemporary Ethical Issues3
PHILOS 103Logic and Reasoning3
PHILOS 105Is Morality for Sale?3
PHILOS 107Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Friendship3
PHILOS 110Thinking Critically3
PHILOS 212Philosophy, Religion, and Science3
PHILOS 213Ancient Philosophy3
PHILOS 214Early Modern Philosophy3
PHILOS 216Introduction to Asian Philosophy3
PHILOS 217Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion3
PHILOS 220Environmental Ethics3
PHILOS 227Business Ethics3
PHILOS 237Technology, Values, and Society3
PHILOS 251Ethics of Engineering and Technology3
PHILOS 351Happiness and the Good Life3
PHILOS 401Plato and Aristotle3
WOST 102Women's Voices3
WOST 203Women in Popular Culture3
WOST 205/ENGLISH 206Women in Literature3
WOST 238Sociological Perspectives on Gender3
WOST 247Latin American and Latina Women3