Global Culture

Global Culture - complete 3 credits

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of and engage in informed judgments of global issues and individual and cultural differences outside the United States.
  • Explore issues that cross geographic, political, economic and/or socio-cultural boundaries outside the United States.
Global Culture
ANTHRO 100Varieties of World Culture3
ANTHRO 304Family, Kin, and Community3
ANTHRO 306Environmental Anthropology3
ANTHRO 320Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion3
ART 382Precolumbian Art of Mesoamerica3
ART 383African Art3
ART 384Asian Art3
BUS ADM 421International Marketing3
ENGLISH 218World Literatures3
ENGLISH 219World Literatures II3
ENGLISH/WOST 338World Literatures3
FRENCH 202Intermediate French Language II3
FRENCH 225Intermediate French Conversation and Composition3
FRENCH 325Advanced French Conversation and Composition3
FRENCH 329Representative French Authors3
GEOG 102/UR RE ST 102World Regions and Concepts: A Geographic Analysis3
GERMAN 202Intermediate German Language II3
GERMAN 225Intermediate German Conversation and Composition3
GERMAN 325Advanced German Conversation and Composition3
GERMAN 329Representative German Authors3
HISTORY 354History of Modern East Asia3
HISTORY 356History of Modern Africa3
HISTORY 358Political History of Modern Latin America3
HUM BIOL 217Human Disease and Society3
HUM BIOL 331Science and Religion: Spirit of Inquiry3
HUM BIOL 322Epidemiology3
HUM DEV 342Cross Cultural Human Development3
HUM STUD 100Living the Humanities3
HUM STUD/HISTORY 103World Civilizations I3
HUM STUD/HISTORY 104World Civilizations II3
HUM STUD 326Non-Western Religions3
HUM STUD/GERMAN 356German Culture3
HUM STUD/GERMAN 357German Cinema3
HUM STUD 360Globalization and Cultural Conflict3
HUM STUD 383Contemporary Cultural Issues3
HUM STUD 384Topics in World Cultures3
MUSIC 362World Music3
NURSING 492Special Topics in Nursing2-4
Topic: Global Health Ethics and Human Rights
Topic: Global Aspects of Healthcare
Topic: Nursing Diagnosis Across the Globe
NUT SCI 250World Food and Population Issues3
PHILOS 216Introduction to Asian Philosophy3
PHILOS 351Happiness and the Good Life3
POL SCI 100Global Politics and Society3
POL SCI 351Comparative Politics3
POL SCI 353Politics of Developing Areas3
PSYCH 350Psychology and Culture3
PU EN AF 102Environment and Society3
SPANISH 202Intermediate Spanish Language II3
SPANISH 225Composition and Conversation I3
SPANISH 226Composition and Conversation II3
Representative Spanish and Latin American Authors
UR RE ST 201City Life and Globalization3
any 299-level Travel Course
any 499-level Travel Course