Fine Arts

Fine Arts - complete 3 credits

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate technical skills and knowledge necessary to create or perform artistic functions.
  • Develop historical, stylistic, cultural or aesthetic knowledge necessary to create or evaluate quality of an art form. 
Fine Arts
ART 102History of the Visual Arts: Ancient to Medieval3
ART 103History of the Visual Arts II: Renaissance to Modern3
ART 106Three Dimensional Design3
ART 107Two-Dimensional Design3
ART 202Modern Art3
ART 203Contemporary Art3
ART 230Introduction to Ceramics3
ART 235Introduction to Woodworking and Furniture Design3
ART 250Introduction to Fibers/Textiles3
ART 260Introduction to Jewelry/Metals3
ART 320Art and Ideas3
ART 376Modern American Culture3
ART/WOST 379Women, Art and Image3
ART 380History of Photography3
ART 381Art of the First Nations3
ART 382Precolumbian Art of Mesoamerica3
ART 383African Art3
ART 384Asian Art3
ARTS MGT 256Understanding the Arts3
ENGLISH 400English Capstone3
MUS APP 127Instrumental Lessons 11-2
MUS APP 128Instrumental Lessons 21-2
MUS APP 227Instrumental Lessons 31-2
MUS APP 228Instrumental Lessons 41-2
MUS APP 327Instrumental Lessons 51-3
MUS APP 328Instrumental Lessons 61-3
MUS APP 427Instrumental Lessons 71-3
MUS APP 428Instrumental Lessons 81-3
MUSIC 121Survey of Western Music3
MUSIC 170Fundamentals of Music3
MUSIC 224Popular Music Since 19553
MUSIC/WOST 272Women in the Performing Arts3
MUSIC 362World Music3
MUSIC 363Jazz History3
MUSIC/THEATRE 364Musical Theatre History3
MUS ENS 142Jazz Combo1
MUS ENS 143Jazz Ensemble1
MUS ENS 144Woodwind Ensemble1
MUS ENS 145Brass Ensemble1
MUS ENS 146Contemporary Percussion Ensemble1
MUS ENS 150New Music Ensemble1
MUS ENS 163Chamber Singers1
MUS ENS 165Vocal Jazz Ensemble1
MUS ENS 166Opera Workshop1
MUS ENS 188Hand Drumming Ensemble1
MUS ENS 241Bands and Orchestra1
MUS ENS 261University Singers1
MUS ENS 262Concert Choir1
MUS ENS 342Jazz Combo1
MUS ENS 343Jazz Ensemble1
MUS ENS 344Woodwind Ensemble1
MUS ENS 345Brass Ensemble1
MUS ENS 346Contemporary Percussion Ensemble1
MUS ENS 350New Music Ensemble1
MUS ENS 363Chamber Singers1
MUS ENS 365Vocal Jazz Ensemble1
MUS ENS 366Opera Workshop1
MUS ENS 388Hand Drumming Ensemble1
MUS ENS 441Bands and Orchestra1
MUS ENS 461University Singers1
MUS ENS 462Concert Choir1
THEATRE 110Introduction to Theatre Arts3
THEATRE 128Jazz Dance I1
THEATRE 131Acting I3
THEATRE 137Ballet I1
THEATRE 141Period Dance Styles1
THEATRE 145Modern Dance I1
THEATRE 161Tap Dance I1
THEATRE 190Introduction to Applied Musical Theatre Voice1
THEATRE 211World Theatre and Performance3
THEATRE 219UWGB Meets NYC: New York Theatre Trip1
THEATRE 228Jazz Dance II2
THEATRE 241Improvisation for the Theatre3
THEATRE 261Tap Dance II1
THEATRE 309Theatre History I:Greek to Elizabethan3
THEATRE 310Theatre History II: 17th Century to Realism3
THEATRE 311Theatre History III: 20th Century and Contemporary3
THEATRE 335Production Practicum: Crews1
THEATRE 336Production Practicum: Performance1
THEATRE 338Production Practicum: Scene Shop1
THEATRE 340Dance History3