Ethnic Studies Perspective

Ethnic Studies Perspective - complete 3 credits

Learning Outcome

  • Identify and describe ethnic, racial, and cultural contrasts from multiple perspectives.
  • Articulate causes and effects of stereotyping and racism.
Ethnic Studies Perspective3
Art of the First Nations
Precolumbian Art of Mesoamerica
African Art
Asian Art
Cultural Images in Materials for Children and Adolescents
American Ethnic Literature
African American Literature
American Indians In Film
Mentoring First Nations Youth
Native American Landscapes:Imagined and Lived Spaces
First Nations and The Sacred
Introduction to First Nations Studies: The Tribal World
Introduction to First Nations Studies: Social Justice
Oneida Language I
Oneida Language II
Oneida Language III
Oneida Language IV
Oneida Language V
Oneida Language VI
Women and Gender in First Nations Communities
Indigenous Nations Oral and Storytelling Traditions
Wisconsin First Nations Ethnohistory
First Nations and Education Policy
Introduction to African-American History
United States Immigration History
Topics in African American History
Introduction to Hmong Culture
Hmong Community Research
Culture, Development and Health
Ethnic Diversity and Human Values
Interdisciplinary Themes in Humanistic Studies
Jazz History
Special Topics in Nursing (Topic #9 only)
Ethnic Influences on Nutrition
Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice
Immigration and Immigration Policy
Understanding Diversity, Challenging Oppression: A Service Learning Course for Helping Professionals
Cross Cultural Diversity and the Helping Professions
Ethnic and Racial Identities
Asian American Communities in the United States
Latino Communities in the United States