2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog Academic Catalog

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University Testing Requirements


English and Mathematics Course Placement

In order to determine mathematics and English competency and appropriate course placement for students, the University uses the Wisconsin Mathematics Placement Test (WMPT) and the English portion of the American College Testing Program (ACT) or the Critical Reading (pre-2016 test) or Reading (post-2016 test) portion of the SAT.

The following students are required to complete the WMPT and ACT or SAT requirement:

  • all new freshmen;
  • all transfers and re-entry students who have not satisfactorily completed a college-level course in English or mathematics;
  • special students wishing to enroll in English or mathematics courses;
  • students wishing to be eligible for intercollegiate athletics (only the ACT is needed).

UW-Green Bay also requires official ACT or SAT scores to comply with UW System Board of Regents policy and to provide admissions information on new freshmen.

ACT Registration

Potential students interested in taking the ACT test should visit the ACT website at http://www.actstudent.org/.

UW-Green Bay is not a test site location; please check the website for test center locations nearest to your community. Be sure you indicate UW-Green Bay (code number 4688) as an institution to receive your score report. Materials to help review and prepare for the ACT test may be purchased in the Phoenix Bookstore on campus and elsewhere. For more information, call ACT at (319) 337-1270.

English Placement

ACT English scores or SAT Critical Reading scores (pre-2016 test) or Reading scores (post-2016 test) are used to determine if a student has satisfied UW-Green Bay’s English competency requirement. The following cut-off scores are used to place students in the most appropriate course based on their current level of English performance.

All international students whose country of origin's primary language is not English will be placed into ENG COMP 164, English Composition for International Students. This course satisfies UW-Green Bay's ENG COMP 100 requirement. The exception to this would be International students who have an ACT English score of 25 or above, or an SAT Critical Reading score of 590 or above, or an SAT Reading score of 32 or above. ENG COMP 105 or ENG COMP 200 may also be required by major.

ACT English score: 16 or lower
SAT Critical Reading score: 440 or lower OR SAT Reading score: 24 or lower

The student must take ENG COMP 95 in conjunction with ENG COMP 100. Both courses are required and must be successfully completed by the end of the second semester at UW-Green Bay. NOTE: ENG COMP 95 is a remedial course and may not count as degree credits. It is graded on a Pass-No Credit (P-NC) basis. Students referred to ENG COMP 95 who feel they have been improperly placed may retake the ACT test.

ACT English score: 17-24
SAT Critical Reading score: 450-580 OR SAT Reading score: 25-31

The student must take ENG COMP 100 by the end of the second semester at UW-Green Bay. Students referred to ENG COMP 100 who feel they have been improperly placed have an additional option: the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) College Composition. Registration for CLEP exams can be made through Testing Services at UW-Green Bay. A passing score on the College Composition exam will satisfy the English competency requirements and earn three degree credits.

ACT English score: 25-31
SAT Critical Reading score: 590-740 OR SAT Reading score: 32-38

These scores satisfy UW-Green Bay’s English competency requirement. The student is eligible to enroll in ENG COMP 105. (Some majors and minors require ENG COMP 105 or its equivalent.)

ACT English score: 32 or higher
SAT Critical Reading score: 750 or higher OR SAT Reading score: 39 or higher

These scores satisfy UW-Green Bay’s English competency requirement. These scores also satisfy the ENG COMP 105 requirement for some majors and minors.

 If you do NOT have an ACT or SAT score, please follow these guidelines:

  1. You may take the Wisconsin English Placement Test (WEPT) to determine your English Composition placement, OR
  2. You may enroll in ENG COMP 95 *and* ENG COMP 100 concurrently to satisfy your English Composition competency requirement
    1. If you are 25 years of age or older OR are a veteran of the U. S. armed forces, you may consult with your advisor to self-select ENG COMP 100 without concurrently enrolling in ENG COMP 95

Math Placement

The Wisconsin Mathematics Placement Test (WMPT) serves as the primary instrument for determining both mathematics competency and appropriate course placement for new freshmen and transfer students who have not successfully completed a college-level mathematics course. Information on costs, testing dates and sites is available from the Office of Testing Services.

Students must meet with an adviser to learn their WMPT score and course placement. New freshmen will be advised at the time of their Registration and Resources session. Continuing, re-entry and transfer students should seek assistance from the Academic Advising Office.

Students classified as new freshmen who do not complete the WMPT will not be allowed to register for mathematics classes, or for courses with college-level mathematics as a prerequisite, during their first semester.

Students must complete the UW-Green Bay Mathematics Competency before the completion of 60 earned and in progress credits. Students who fail to complete the Mathematics Competency by this point will have any future enrollments cancelled until proof is submitted that the competency is completed. Students who have not taken the WMPT and have not satisfactorily completed or transferred in a college-level mathematics course must enroll in MATH 94, MATH 99, COMM SCI 205, or MATH 100 depending on academic program. Students should consult with their advisor to determine the appropriate course. 

Assessment of the Major Program

All students are required to participate in the assessment of their major program of study. The assessment may take the form of a comprehensive exam, in-course assignment, portfolio, survey, interview, or any other specified means of evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the academic program.