Academic Forgiveness

Returning students, who have not earned a baccalaureate degree, and have not enrolled in any courses at UW-Green Bay for a minimum of three consecutive years prior to re-admission are eligible to request academic forgiveness. If academic forgiveness is granted, all grades received from courses taken three or more years before readmission will be excluded when calculating the student’s cumulative grade point average on their academic transcript. All prior grades and quality points are not excluded in financial aid satisfactory academic progress calculations. Courses that meet General Education requirements that are forgiven will be used to satisfy these degree requirements. Other forgiven courses may be used to satisfy major/minor/certificate requirements must be approved by the faculty advisor/academic department representative as substitutions. Credits that have been forgiven, are not eligible for inclusion in calculating and awarding of All University Honors.

Requests for Academic Forgiveness can be made through the Office of Academic Advising but must be made within 21 calendar days after the last day of final exams of the first semester after readmission.