Sociology (SOCIOL)


SOCIOL 101. Introduction to Sociology. 3 Credits.

Major sociological concepts and ideas and their application to contemporary societies.
Fall and Spring.

SOCIOL 130. Contemporary Social Problems. 3 Credits.

Sociological analysis of the nature, extent, causes, and potential solutions to selected major social problems such as poverty and wealth, racial and gender discrimination, crime and violence, drug abuse, family problems, quality of education, inadequate health care, population problems, intergroup conflict, and threats to the environment.

SOCIOL 160. Sociology of Human Sexuality. 3 Credits.

Sociological overview of issues in human sexuality. Course is based on sociological investigations of the origins, nature and biosocial consequences of varying customs and ideals of human sexuality. Among topics that may be covered are: sex and family life, contraception, abortion and social power, violations of sexual norms and ideas about sexual propriety, origins and impact of sexual liberation movements, sociosexual aspects of epidemics, sociological interpretations of sexual dissatisfactions.

SOCIOL 203. Ethnic and Racial Identities. 3 Credits.

The character of racial, religious and ethnic minority groups; social and economic adjustments in American society; the role of private and public agencies.
P: Sociol 202 or ANTHRO 100.
Fall Only.

SOCIOL 220. Sociology of Marriage and the Family. 3 Credits.

Marriage and the family as social institutions in a changing world. Historical changes and societal variations in family patterns. Changes over the life cycle. Explores the sources and consequences of a variety of family forms.

SOCIOL 235. Introduction to Social Psychology. 3 Credits.

Introduction to the study of social psychology with focus on sociological contributions to the study of social interaction and small group theory; topics may include: socialization, motivation, attitudes, values, communications, leadership.
Spring Odd.

SOCIOL 238. Sociological Perspectives on Gender. 3 Credits.

A sociological examination of roles assigned to women and men in society, including the experiences of marriage, parenthood, employment and occupational attainment. Pays particular attention to gender role socialization and its cultural reinforcement, to patterns of gender relations and to ongoing changes.

SOCIOL 299. Travel Course. 1-6 Credits.

Travel courses are conducted to various parts of the world and are led by one or more faculty members. May be repeated to different locations.
P: cons of instr & prior trip arr & financial deposit.

SOCIOL 302. Class, Status and Power. 3 Credits.

Class, status and power as determinants of group interests, preferences, ideologies and struggles; examination at the national and international levels.
P: Sociol 202.
Spring Even.

SOCIOL 303. Race and Ethnic Relations. 3 Credits.

Comparative study of race and ethnic relations in the United States and other countries. The focus is on theories of race relations and ethnic stratification and the importance of these issues in national and international perspective. Case studies of ethnic relations in particular countries (e.g., South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Lebanon, Soviet Union) will be emphasized.
P: Sociol 202 or 203 or intro level soc sci cse.
Fall Odd.

SOCIOL 304. Deviant Behavior. 3 Credits.

Foundations of morality and the relationship between morality and deviance; positive and negative aspects of both deviance and conformity.
P: Sociol 202.

SOCIOL 307. Social Theory. 3 Credits.

Critical analysis of classical and contemporary social theories with attention to the social and intellectual context and contemporary application.
P: Sociol 202.
Fall Even.

SOCIOL 308. Sociology of the Family. 3 Credits.

A sociological approach to marriage and families in American society: historical changes in family life; the problems of defining family; social class; ethnicity and gender as key variables in family power; life transitions; and divorce and remarriage.
P: sophomore standing AND Sociol 202 or Hum Dev 102 or ANTHRO 100
Fall Only.

SOCIOL 310. Urban Sociology. 3 Credits.

The study of social life and population groups in the urban environment. Our concern is with the social and psychological consequences of city life and the political and economic forces which have produced the industrial and corporate cities of the present day. Other topics include theories of "community," the location of industrial and commercial areas, the distribution of racial and ethnic groups, and urban problems such as poverty, housing, and public services.
P: jr st; and UR RE ST 100 or PU EN AF 202 or POL SCI 202 or SOCIOL 101.
Fall Only.

SOCIOL 315. Street Gangs in America. 3 Credits.

Organization of and subculture of street gangs in American communities; differences among ethnic/racial street gangs; representation of gang identity through graffiti, tattoos, clothing, music; gang membership and wannabes.
P: Sociol 202 or ANTHRO 100 or UR RE ST 100.
Spring Odd.

SOCIOL 320. Sociology of Religion. 3 Credits.

Study of religious institutions and religious movements; sociological theories about the origin of religions; sociological study about the effects of religion in contemporary society.
P: SOCIOL 101 or ANTHRO 100
Fall Even.

SOCIOL 321. Topics in Sociology. 3 Credits.

Explores a single theme from a sociological perspective. Variable content
P: Sociol 202
Fall and Spring.

SOCIOL 335. Social Psychology. 3 Credits.

Sociological analysis of the origins and development the self through the socialization process. Emphasis is placed on the social influence of social institutions, organizations, and significant others on identity, behavior and attitudes. Explores the various interactional dynamics involved in social process with an emphasis on analysis of theory and research in sociology.
P: SOCIOL 101 or ANTHRO 103. REC: SOCIOL 235

SOCIOL 355. Environmental Sociology. 3 Credits.

Explores the socio-cultural foundations of our relationship with the natural environment. Examines the relationship between environmental degradation and social, political, and economic structures. Explores beliefs and values about the environment and their expression in various forms of environmentalism and environmental movements. Also analyzes the presentation of environmental issues in cultural, political, and scientific domains.
P: SOCIOL 101 or ANTHRO 100
Fall Odd.

SOCIOL 375. Sociology of Sexual and Intimate Relations. 3 Credits.

The social construction of intimacy and sexuality in the development of self and personal life with emphasis on gender and intimate experience; changing ideas of love and erotic pleasure; and mass cultural influences on intimate and sexual relations.
P: Soc C D 235 and Sociol 202; or Sociol 202 and two other soc sci cses.

SOCIOL 404. Criminology. 3 Credits.

Criminology is a survey of the theories and methods sociologists use to study crime and delinquency. The course presents the disciplinary history of criminology and critically examines the structure and function of the criminal law and punishment.
P: SOCIOL 101 or DJS 204
Spring Even.

SOCIOL 497. Internship. 1-12 Credits.

Supervised practical experience in an organization or activity appropriate to a student's career and educational interests. Internships are supervised by faculty members and require periodic student/faculty meetings.
P: jr st.
Fall and Spring.

SOCIOL 498. Independent Study. 1-4 Credits.

Independent study is offered on an individual basis at the student's request and consists of a program of learning activities planned in consultation with a faculty member. A student wishing to study or conduct research in an area not represented in available scheduled courses should develop a preliminary proposal and seek the sponsorship of a faculty member. The student's advisor can direct him or her to instructors with appropriate interests. A written report or equivalent is required for evaluation, and a short title describing the program must be sent early inthe semester to the registrar for entry on the student's transcript.
P: fr or so st with cum gpa > or = 2.50; or jr or sr st with cum gpa > or = 2.00.
Fall and Spring.

SOCIOL 499. Travel Course. 1-6 Credits.

Travel courses are conducted to various parts of the world and are led by one or more faculty members. May be repeated to different locations.
P: cons of instr & prior trip arr & financial deposit.