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NURSINGĀ 790. MSN Leadership Project. 1 Credit.

This course will provide students the opportunity to design, implement, evaluate and professionally disseminate an evidence-based leadership project within a health care system. Projects will create quality and safety in patient care through nursing leadership, conscious of fiscal and environmental responsibility and will demonstrate synthesis and application of MSN leadership and management curricular concepts. Requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to become successful nursing leaders or managers in health systems will be exhibited in the project process. This course must be taken three times over three semesters in the final year, in conjunction with the three MSN practicum courses. Required MSN practicum hours related to the project (90 total: 30 hours in each of 3 subsequent semesters) will be satisfactorily completed.
P: concurrent enrollment or completion of Nursing 770, Nursing 772 or Nursing 774.

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