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NURSINGĀ 400. Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family. 3 Credits.

This course prepares students to provide nursing care for the childbearing family. Students will recognize the needs of the childbearing family and demonstrate understanding of the nurse's role in providing efficient and cost-effective care. Additional topics include effective communication skills, basic bio/psycho/social/spiritual assessment of the childbearing family, pharmacology and commonly administered medications, principles of comfort and safety, resources and services, and the roles of healthcare team members as they relate to the childbearing family.
P: Admission to the Traditional BSN Major; Senior Standing; NURSING 300, NURSING 310, NURSING 320, NURSING 330, NURSING 360, NURSING 370, NURSING 380. REC: Concurrent enrollment in NURSING 410, NURSING 420, NURSING 430, NURSING 440
Fall Only.