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Mathematics & Statistics

...better in MATH 203 , an additional four credits are granted for MATH 202 . Credits for...

MATH 202. Calculus and Analytic Geometry I. 4 Credits.

Differential and integral calculus of the elementary functions with associated analytic geometry; transcendental functions; techniques of integration; application.
P: Math 104 with at least a C grade or WPT-MFND score >465 and WPT-AALG score >525 and WPT-TAG score >525
Fall and Spring.

CHEM 202. Math for Chemistry Discussion: Principles of Chemistry II. 1 Credit.

This discussion course is designed to supplement the concepts presented in CHEM 212/214. Activities will focus on early exposure to math concepts in time for use in CHEM 212/214, deeper explorations of the mathematics and chemistry concepts addressed in these courses, and mathematics and chemistry skills necessary for success in CHEM 212/214.
P: Concurrent enrollment in CHEM 212/214.