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INFO SCI 332. Mobile Platforms and Apps. 3 Credits.

This course has a cross-disciplinary emphasis and pairs up with its COMP SCI counterpart (COMP SCI 232). This course will incorporate a complete study and practice of the mobile application world. Students will explore the mobile applications business from a journalistic and PR point of view. As cross-disciplinary teams, the students in this course pair up with the CS students from CS 232 to design, develop and fully produce one real and unique app. While CS students will focus on the technical aspects of the product, the students in this course will focus on original content creation (such as news stories, brand journalism, video games, videos, etc.) and promotion. This course is open to all IS, Game Studies, Journalism, Mass Media and PR students.
P: At least 18 credits in COMP SCI, INFO SCI or COMM
Fall Only.