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HISTORY 206. History of the United States from 1865 to the Present. 3 Credits.

This course explores the history of the United States since 1865, with attention to politics, society, economy, and culture. Likely topics to be considered include: the African-American freedom struggle during Reconstruction and the Jim Crow era; the conquest of the trans-Mississippi west; industrialization and labor conflict; immigration; the expansion of American military and economic power around the world, including participation in the First World War, the Second World War, and the global Cold War; the growth of state power; urbanization and suburbanization; feminism, women's rights, civil rights, and other social movements; and the rise of conservatism since the 1970s.

History Minor

1 Students may also opt to complete HISTORY 205 or HISTORY 206 in this category. They must take one as required and the other course can be completed in lieu of this course list. 2 Students are required to take one course from Category I and one course from Category II as listed under the major.  The remaining 6 credits may be selected from any 300- or 400- level History course, or  DJS 361 or FNS 374 .