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BUS ADM 481. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to (1) provide students with classroom learning and practical application (via readings and research) of entrepreneurship and small business management, and (2) show students the vastness of knowledge that a small business owner needs to have including practical tools for understanding, creating, and growing a small business and an entrepreneurial environment in the business world. This course provides students with the insight and knowledge needed to become more competent and influential within their business, with their staff, within their industry, and within their communities. It increases students' appreciation and understanding of the many issues that entrepreneurs and small business owners face. Topics covered include failure, creative thinking, intellectual property, business models, strategic planning, investors, business planning, business ownership forms, franchising, buying and selling small businesses, small business marketing, e-commerce, pricing, financial planning, cash flow management, equity vs. debt financing, location, layout and design considerations, the global aspect of entrepreneurship, building (new venture) teams, creating culture, succession, and exit strategies.
P: Junior status and an overall minimum GPA of 2.0; Bus Adm major or minor or Acctg major or minor or Entrepreneurship Certificate.
Fall and Spring.