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BUS ADM 334. Logistics Management. 3 Credits.

This is a course on logistics management which falls within the broad discipline of supply chain management (SCM). This will allow students to deepen their knowledge and understanding on various components of logistics management; its role across other functions in an enterprise; and its importance in the context of present global business environment. The primary objective of the logistics management is to provide support in storage and distribution of goods and services, from an enterprise to customers as well as any returns from customers to an enterprise with or without channel partners. The goal of this course is to build on the learnings from the course “Introduction to Supply Chain Management” and provide an in-depth understanding of the roles of logistics function, concepts and principles used in addressing the needs of an enterprise, while minimizing the costs and environmental impacts.
P: Bus Adm 384 and Bus Adm major or minor or Acctg major or minor and an overall minimum GPA of 2.5.
Fall Only.