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BIOLOGY 490. Biology Seminar. 1 Credit.

This course provides an interdisciplinary capstone experience for upper-level students majoring in biology. Class activities introduce students to academic and professional infrastructures, career opportunities, and major conceptual issues in the biological sciences, including the socioeconomic impacts of new advances in biology. During a significant part of the course, students will read and discuss current articles from the primary scientific literature. Teams of students will lead class discussions about cutting-edge discoveries and new concepts conveyed in the selected articles. Presentations will fulfill the communication objective for a capstone experience in the UW-Green Bay General Education curriculum. The class discussions will address the interdisciplinary implications of new biology discoveries and their relevance to current socioeconomic problems. Course is repeatable for credit; may be taken 3 times for a total of 3 credits.
P: Biology major with jr st
Fall and Spring.