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BIOLOGY 202. Principles of Biology Lab: Cellular and Molecular Processes. 1 Credit.

This lab course offers an introduction to the biology of organisms at the molecular and cellular level. Labs will focus on the chemical, genetic, and microscopic properties shared by cells. This is a beginning biology course for students who wish to major in Biology, Human Biology or Environmental Science.
P: CHEM 207 or conc enr AND ACT Science Score of 24 or greater, OR grade of C or better in HUM BIO 102, OR grade of C or better in BIOLOGY 203 & BIOLOGY 201 (or concurrent enrollment) or concurrent enrollment in BIOLOGY 200 and consent of instructor.
Fall and Spring.

Health Science Emphasis

1  It is highly recommended that as freshmen , pre-medical and pre-dental students take  BIOLOGY 201 , BIOLOGY 202 and CHEM 211 , CHEM 212 , CHEM 213 , CHEM 214 and consult and adviser. 2  Satisfied with an ACT English score of 32 or higher. 3   BIOLOGY 340 and BIOLOGY 402 are 4 credits each, all other courses in this list are 1 credit.