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BIOLOGY 201. Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Processes. 3 Credits.

Study of biological principles, focusing on cellular structure and function, metabolism, genetics, evolution and development. This introductory course is intended for science majors.
P: CHEM 207 or conc enr AND ACT Science Score of 24 or greater, OR grade of C or better in HUM BIO 102, OR grade of C or better in BIOLOGY 203 AND BIOLOGY 202 (or concurrent enrollment) or concurrent enrollment in BIOLOGY 200 and consent of instructor.
Fall and Spring.

Health Science Emphasis

1  It is highly recommended that as freshmen , pre-medical and pre-dental students take  BIOLOGY 201 , BIOLOGY 202 and CHEM 211 , CHEM 212 , CHEM 213 , CHEM 214 and consult and adviser. 2  Satisfied with an ACT English score of 32 or higher. 3   BIOLOGY 340 and BIOLOGY 402 are 4 credits each, all other courses in this list are 1 credit.

Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics Emphasis

Note: Students must have a grade of C or better in CHEM 211 and BIO 201 in order to declare their major in Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics Emphasis.

Curriculum Guide: Human Biology Major with Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics Emphasis

This is a representative plan. Check with your advisor to see that your plan meets the requirements for this emphasis.