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Nonprofit Management

...Weinschenk, Elizabeth Wheat Faculty, Arts Management - Ellen Rosewall...Evaluation PU EN AF 497 Internship (minimum of...

Academic Rules and Regulations

...Grade Credits Grade Points ART 105 A 3...Co-op (numbered XXX-497; XXX-797, variable...

ART 497. Internship. 1-12 Credits.

Internship with an outside museum or gallery. Activities are determined by the curator of art and a professional in the sponsoring institution.
P: jr st.
Fall and Spring.

ARTS MGT 497. Internship. 1-12 Credits.

Instruction and experience in a professional environment where students work in any aspect of the field appropriate to their academic preparation and career goals under professional and faculty supervision. No more than 3 credits may be used to meet requirements for a major or minor.
P: jr st and 3.0 gpa in major emphasis (dept will monitor gpa req).
Fall and Spring.