Master of Science in Data Science

The University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, and the University of Wisconsin – Superior in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin – Extension are offering a Master’s of Science in Data Science.  This master’s program is entirely online and will teach you how to harness the power of big data using the latest tools and analytical methods. The program focuses on how to clean, organize, analyze, and interpret structured and unstructured data, deriving knowledge and communicating your discoveries clearly to stakeholders. It is a 12-course, 36 credit program and is taught by expert faculty.

This program will prepare you to how to realize value from big data and make better decisions. The insight gained could help organizations public, private or non-profit in enhancing customer engagement, optimizing operations, identifying and preventing fraud, and generating new sources of revenue among others.  The program offerings are relevant for virtually any industry- health care, retail, marketing, manufacturing, transportation, communication, education, insurance, finance, security, law enforcement, and more.

Core Curriculum
DS 700Foundations of Data Science3
DS 705Statistical Methods3
DS 710Programming for Data Science3
DS 715Data Warehousing3
DS 730Big Data: High-Performance Computing3
DS 735Communicating About Data3
DS 740Data Mining3
DS 745Visualization and Unstructured Data Analysis3
DS 760Ethics of Data Science3
DS 775Prescriptive Analytics3
DS 780Data Science and Strategic Decision Making3
DS 785Capstone3
Total Credits36