Business Administration (BUS ADM)


BUS ADM 573. Entrepreneurial Finance. 3 Credits.

This course introduces the graduate student to the entrepreneurial finance topics of self-funding, friendly funding, seed funding, microlending and microlenders, debt financing, equity financing and other nonbank financing sources, sources and uses of funds, startup financial statement development and projections, debt and equity term sheets, valuations, and starting the bookkeeping process.
P: Graduate status
Fall Only.

BUS ADM 662. Seminar in Human Resource Management. 3 Credits.

Analysis of human resource problems and issues and their translation into corporate policies; urban, cultural and legal realities in human resource matters; decisions affecting the development and management of human resource policies.

BUS ADM 685. New Venture Acceleration. 3 Credits.

In this course, students will be developing real high growth-oriented businesses based on an identified opportunity in the market. Topics include high growth-oriented firms and technology-based firms, business model design, customer development and acquisition, value proposition development, minimum viable product development, and skills to present well to equity investors
P: Graduate Standing