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Human Development Emphasis

Bachelor of Applied Studies (B.A.S.) INTEGRATIVE LEADERSHIP STUDIES Major

Supporting Courses6
Integrative Leadership Seminar I
Writing Course
Business and Media Writing
Expository Writing
Upper-Level Courses6
Capstone: Synthesis and Assessment of Learning
Critical Thinking (choose one course):
History of Economic Thought
The Development of Creative and Critical Thinking
Ethical Theory
Plato and Aristotle
Human Development Emphasis18-19
Supporting Courses
Introduction to Human Development
Choose one of the following courses:
Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Processes
   and Principles of Biology Lab: Cellular and Molecular Processes
Introduction to Human Biology
American Government and Politics
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Public Policy
Introduction to Public Administration
Complete two of the following courses:
Infancy and Early Childhood
Middle Childhood and Adolescence
Adulthood and Aging
Complete two additional courses from the subject of Human Development at the 300-400 level. 1
Total Credits30-31

Excluding HUM DEV 478, HUM DEV 495, HUM DEV 496, HUM DEV 497, and HUM DEV 498