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U.S. and the World Emphasis


Supporting Courses24-26
Introduction to Democracy and Justice Studies
Expository Writing 1
Global Politics and Society
American Government and Politics
Choose two of the following courses:
Varieties of World Culture
Freedom and Social Control
Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
Macro Economic Analysis
Micro Economic Analysis
American History to 1865
History of the United States from 1865 to the Present
Introduction to Sociology
Choose one of the following Skill Subjects (6 credits minimum): 2
Subject A - Social Research (7 credits):
Social Science Statistics
Introductory Statistics
Foundations for Social Research
Subject B - Foreign Language (two semesters): 3
Subject C - Communication (6 credits)
Fundamentals of Public Address
Communication Problems and Research Methods
Upper-Level Courses24
History of Economic Thought
American Political Thought
The U.S. and the World
Historical Perspectives on American Democracy
Topics in Democracy and Justice
Senior Seminar in Democracy and Justice Studies
Elective Courses (choose 6 credits):
Modern American Culture
Criminal Justice Process
Constitutional Law
Law and Society
Gender and the Law
U.S. Labor and the Working Class: Past and Present
Gender and Economic Justice
Feminist Theory
Independent Study
Travel Course
First Nations Justice and Tribal Governments
Problems in American Thought
Economic and Business History of the U.S.
History of Modern East Asia
History of Modern Africa
Political History of Modern Latin America
History of Sexuality in the U.S.
U.S. Women's History
America in the Twentieth Century
Philosophy, Politics and Law
Community Politics
Political Theory
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Foreign and Defense Policies
Environmental Law
Race and Ethnic Relations
Social Theory
Asian American Communities in the United States
Latino Communities in the United States
Total Credits48-50

Satisfied for students with an ACT English score of 32 or higher


Please consult with your faculty adviser about selection of 6 credits to fulfill this skills requirement.


Please review with your faculty adviser about language requirement. Courses in French, German, Oneida, and Spanish are available at UW-Green Bay.