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Humanities - complete 6 credits

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the humanities unique ways of understanding major events and movements in Western and world civilizations.
  • Critically examine a range of literary, philosophical, and other cultural texts produced by those movements.
  • Articulate individual and social values within cultures and the implications of decisions made on the basis of those values.
  • Analyze and produce complex forms of expression.
Humanities 16
Introduction to Film
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Creative Writing
Introduction to English Literature I
Introduction to English Literature II
Introduction to American Literature I
Introduction to American Literature II
World Literatures I
World Literatures II
Literary Themes
American Indians In Film
First Nations and The Sacred
Indigenous Nations Oral and Storytelling Traditions
Wisconsin First Nations Ethnohistory
Perspectives on Human Values: First Nations
First Nations Studies Seminar
First Nations Justice and Tribal Governments
First Nations and Education Policy
American History to 1865
History of the United States from 1865 to the Present
Introduction to African-American History
Living the Humanities
Foundations of Western Culture I
Foundations of Western Culture II
World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II
Introduction to the Humanities
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Science Fiction Film
Interdisciplinary Themes in Humanistic Studies
Globalization and Cultural Conflict
Humanities, Business and Critical Thinking
Perspectives on Human Values: The Contemporary World
Introduction to Philosophy
Contemporary Ethical Issues
Logic and Reasoning
Justice and Citizenship in the Modern World
Philosophy, Religion, and Science
Ancient Philosophy
Early Modern Philosophy
Introduction to Asian Philosophy
Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
Environmental Ethics
Happiness and the Good Life
Plato and Aristotle
Women in Literature

 Complete two courses (6 credits) in at least two different course prefixes