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Physical Education (PHY ED)


PHY ED 121. Personal Conditioning. 1 Credit.

Principles of exercise physiology as they relate to muscular and organic stress from participation in calisthenics and exercise with light apparatus. Develops conditioning programs appropriate for life-long fitness.
Fall and Spring.

PHY ED 124. Conditioning Through Running. 1 Credit.

Designed for the individual who prefers a program of vigorous exercise to one of primary recreational nature. Emphasizes cardiovascular benefits of running and the practical application of various types of running to improve physical fitness.
Fall and Spring.

PHY ED 145. Golf I. 1 Credit.

The fundamental skills of grip, stance and stroking with irons and woods; history, equipment, rules, etiquette, safety, and strategy necessary for responsible play.
Fall Only.

PHY ED 148. Karate I. 1 Credit.

Basic techniques of striking and kicking and their defenses as used in karate; the history, philosophy and traditions of karate.
Fall and Spring.

PHY ED 154. Tennis I. 1 Credit.

Basic skills and techniques in tennis; forehand, backhand, flat serve, volley, lob, smash, footwork, singles and doubles positioning and strategy, regular and no-add scoring, U.S.T.A. rules, care and selection of equipment.

PHY ED 208. Scuba. 2 Credits.

The nature and use of equipment peculiar to skin and scuba diving; basic diving skills, functional diving, physiological aspects of respiration, the physics of diving, the physiological and environmental hazards of diving, and proper first aid procedures for emergencies. Certification by PADI may be earned.
Fall and Spring.

PHY ED 248. Karate II. 1 Credit.

Builds upon basic skills and physical and mental development of beginning karate. Provides opportunity to improve students' karate rank by continuing instruction in offensive and defensive techniques in conjunction with voluntary competition.
P: PHY ED 148.
Fall and Spring.

PHY ED 268. Karate III. 1 Credit.

Advancing into intermediate phases of the martial arts perfecting technique, form and effectiveness using kicking, blocking, punching, self defense & form techniques. Explore the self defense of Eskirma.
P: PHY ED 148 and 248, or equivalent as approved by inst.
Fall and Spring.