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Art Education Emphasis

This disciplinary emphasis also requires:

Art majors may complete an emphasis in Art Education leading to teacher licensure from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Only those requirements for coursework in Art are listed here. For additional information about admission to the teacher education program, consult the Education Office ( ), or the Office of Academic Advising, or refer to the Education program description in this catalog. For advising information, see the Art Education adviser.

Supporting Core Courses40
Art History
History of the Visual Arts: Ancient to Medieval
History of the Visual Arts II: Renaissance to Modern
Concepts and Issues of Modern Art
Design Core
Tools, Safety, and Materials
Introductory Drawing
Design Methods
Two-Dimensional Design
Two-Dimensional Studios
Introduction to Painting
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Printmaking
Three-Dimensional Studios
Introduction to Sculpture
Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to Fibers/Textiles
Introduction to Jewelry/Metals
Upper-Level Core Courses24
Required Core Courses
Intermediate Drawing
Contemporary Art
Teaching Art in the Middle and Secondary Schools
Art History (choose one of the following courses):
Modern American Culture
World Art
Women, Art and Image
History of Photography
Choose 12 credits of Studio Art courses 1
Total Credits64

Twelve elective credits should include four studio courses from the 300-400 level in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, art metals, textiles, sculpture, or ceramics for which appropriate prerequisites have been completed.