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Individual Studies

This disciplinary major also requires:

Supporting Courses25
Keyboard Musicianship I
Keyboard Musicianship II
Concert Attendance ((6 semesters required))
Music Technology Tools
Ear Training and Sight Singing I
Ear Training and Sight Singing II
Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Music Theory III
Music Theory IV
First Year Applied I (1 credit):
First Year Piano I
First Year Organ I
First Year Voice I
First Year Flute I
First Year Oboe I
First Year Clarinet I
First Year Saxophone I
First Year Bassoon I
First Year Horn I
First Year Trumpet-Cornet I
First Year Trombone I
First Year Baritone I
First Year Tuba I
First Year Percussion I
First Year Guitar I
First Year String Bass I
First Year Applied II (1 credit):
First Year Piano II
First Year Organ II
First Year Voice II
First Year Flute II
First Year Clarinet II
First Year Saxophone II
First Year Bassoon II
First Year Horn II
First Year Trumpet-Cornet II
First Year Trombone II
First Year Baritone II
First Year Tuba II
First Year Percussion II
First Year Guitar II
First Year String Bass II
Second Year Applied I (1 credit):
Second Year Piano I
Second Year Organ I
Second Year Voice I
Second Year Flute I
Second Year Oboe I
Second Year Clarinet I
Second Year Saxophone I
Second Year Bassoon I
Second Year Horn I
Second Year Trumpet-Cornet I
Second Year Trombone I
Second Year Baritone I
Second Year Tuba I
Second Year Percussion I
Second Year Guitar I
Second Year String Bass I
Second Year Applied II (1 credit):
Second Year Piano II
Second Year Organ II
Second Year Voice II
Second Year Flute II
Second Year Oboe II
Second Year Clarinet II
Second Year Saxophone II
Second Year Bassoon II
Second Year Horn II
Second Year Trumpet-Cornet II
Second Year Trombone II
Second Year Baritone II
Second Year Tuba II
Second Year Percussion II
Second Year Guitar II
Second Year String Bass II
Major Ensemble Requirement (complete 4 credits):
Concert Band
Concert Choir
Upper-Level Courses26
Music History I
Music History II
Capstone Project
Music Theory and History (3 credits):
Seminar in Music Literature
Materials and Design
Minor Ensemble (complete 2 credits):
Jazz Combo
Jazz Ensemble
Woodwind Ensemble
Brass Ensemble
Contemporary Percussion Ensemble
New Music Ensemble
Chamber Singers
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Opera Studio
Hand Drumming Ensemble
Upper-Level Electives (12 credits):
Third Year Piano I
Third Year Piano II
Third Year Organ I
Third Year Organ II
Third Year Voice I
Third Year Voice II
Third Year Flute I
Third Year Flute II
Third Year Oboe I
Third Year Oboe II
Third Year Clarinet I
Third Year Clarinet II
Third Year Saxophone I
Third Year Saxophone II
Third Year Bassoon I
Third Year Bassoon II
Third Year Horn I
Third Year Horn II
Third Year Trumpet-Cornet I
Third Year Trumpet-Cornet II
Third Year Trombone I
Third Year Trombone II
Third Year Baritone I
Third Year Baritone II
Third Year Tuba I
Third Year Tuba II
Third Year Percussion I
Third Year Percussion II
Third Year Guitar I
Third Year Guitar II
Third Year String Bass I
Third Year String Bass II
Fourth Year Piano I
Fourth Year Piano II
Fourth Year Organ I
Fourth Year Organ II
Fourth Year Voice I
Fourth Year Voice II
Fourth Year Flute I
Fourth Year Flute II
Fourth Year Oboe I
Fourth Year Oboe II
Fourth Year Clarinet I
Fourth Year Clarinet II
Fourth Year Saxophone I
Fourth Year Saxophone II
Fourth Year Bassoon I
Fourth Year Bassoon II
Fourth Year Horn I
Fourth Year Horn II
Fourth Year Trumpet-Cornet I
Fourth Year Trumpet-Cornet II
Fourth Year Trombone I
Fourth Year Trombone II
Fourth Year Baritone I
Fourth Year Baritone II
Fourth Year Tuba I
Fourth Year Tuba II
Fourth Year Percussion I
Fourth Year Percussion II
Fourth Year Guitar I
Fourth Year Guitar II
Fourth Year String Bass I
Fourth Year String Bass II
Independent Study
Concert Band
Concert Choir
Music Technology Systems
Diction for Singers I
Diction for Singers II
Choral/Vocal Techniques
Basic Conducting
Woodwind Techniques
Brass Techniques
String Techniques
Choral Conducting and Rehearsal Techniques
Percussion Techniques
Instrumental Conducting and Rehearsal Techniques
World Music
Jazz History
Musical Theatre History
Applied Composition
Jazz Arranging
Seminar in Music Literature
Independent Study
Travel Course
Total Credits51