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Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics Emphasis

Supporting Courses35-38
Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Processes
Fundamentals of Public Address
Social Science Statistics
Introductory Statistics
Expository Writing 1
Anatomy and Physiology
Laboratory Safety
Introduction to Human Development
Introduction to Psychology
Survey of Nutrition Related Professions
Science of Food Preparation
Required Courses
Principles of Chemistry I
   and Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory
Principles of Chemistry II
   and Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory
Upper-Level Courses45-46
Principles of Microbiology
Bio-Organic Chemistry
Bio-Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Human Nutrition
Quantity Food Production and Service
Life Cycle Nutrition
Management in Dietetic Practice
Community Nutrition
Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism
Medical Nutrition Therapy I
Medical Nutrition Therapy II
Nutritional Science Seminar
Human Genetics
Exercise Physiology
Human Physiology
Choose one of the following options:
   and Biochemistry Laboratory
Nutritional Biochemistry
Total Credits80-84

Satisfied for students with an ACT English score of 32 or higher.